What sets Coffee Concept apart is our consistently high quality of roasting. We own our own facility in Calgary employing cutting edge roasting and packaging technology, green coffee cleaning systems and daily quality assurance procedures.

By roasting, we have the ability to pack any size, any format or to any certain standards our customers are looking for.

Our priority is high quality, great tasting coffee and we aim to share with you what a delicious cup of coffee tastes like and bring you a wide selection of coffees enjoyed by all coffee lovers alike.

Coffee Roaster

Roasting great coffee starts with buying excellent quality green coffees. Coffee Concept is a direct-trade importer of outstanding quality and very high point scoring coffees from various countries around the world, including Ethiopia, Kenya, Costa Rica, Colombia and Guatemala. We also purchase coffees from all over the world through trusted partner relationships.

Coffee machine technician servicesThe process of roasting is a complex one, our Roast Master and team work closely to develop each coffee’s ideal flavour through a process known as profiling – whereby we create a series of sample roasts to identify the best roast level that showcases each coffee’s natural sweetness and aroma. Once identified, we lock in that profile and roast and package to our customers’ specifications.

Coffee Cupping Quality AssuranceWe wrap things up by “cupping” each coffee to ensure the flavour is consistent and tasting great in the final cup.

From here on, you can decide how you want your freshly roasted coffee to be brewed. Our team will assist you with this process and ensure the coffee you receive is tasting exactly the way you want it to.

Our roasting facility is located at:

4797 22 St SE Unit 50

Calgary, AB T2B 0N8

Let us show you around.

Book an appointment with us
at (403) 258-1976.

Fresh & Delicious Coffee Roasted In Calgary

Coffee Concept takes a different approach to its coffee roasting services. We pride ourselves on our ability to keep our farmers engaged with their coffee beans and focus on the economic impact that our services have. By raising the standard of ethically sourced and fair trade coffee, we have allowed our farmers to live better lives and create a more rich and finer product delivered straight to our roasting facility.

The coffee beans we brew on a daily basis are fair trade and grown in safe organic environments. Our premium grade coffee beans will leave you wanting more and more, as our flavor profiles are unlike any other. Let us bring you the taste of the Americas and beyond with our delicious and decadently roasted coffee beans.

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