Give your guests a warm welcome to their stay by treating them with cafe-quality coffees in the comfort of their own hotel room. Meanwhile, compliment each gourmet meal in your restaurant with a diverse selection of locally roasted coffee directly sourced from our trusted partnerships around the world.


We provide convenient and diverse coffee machines for every occasion. From advanced, multi-functional coffee machines to more simple coffee pod options, our selection of robust machines has the ability to cater to all your coffee needs and purposes.



No need to worry about coffee machine maintenance and repair anymore. Our customer care team is dedicated to providing you with the best service in cleaning and maintaining your coffee machines free of charge when you are on our coffee program. In addition, optional coffee brewers and related equipment are also provided for free when you are on our program. Terms and conditions may apply.

For any special maintenance or coffee machine repairs, you can rest assured that our team of technicians will be there first-hand to solve your problem and work with you to identify any preventative measures for your convenience.


Along with leading brands of coffee pods, we also provide the option of fresh coffee that is locally roasted in Calgary. The high quality coffees we source are craft roasted in small batches using our cutting edge machinery. With our advanced roasting technology, we are able to maximize the extraction of every bean, giving you a range of delicious flavours and aromas that compliment your coffee, whichever way you like it.

Contact us for more information on how to maximize your coffee program.

  • Free servicing on our coffee machines,
  • team of technicians available for repair and maintenance of equipment


  • Coffee portion packs available,
  • Coffee whole bean,
  • Teas,
  • and “More” Button (Include restaurant product list)
  • Specialized complimentary barista training (Tom–I will give you the pdf file for this)
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