Direct Sourcing

We source our coffee directly from some of the world’s most exotic and lush regions, right to your customer's cup. The main countries we source our coffee from are Costa Rica, Colombia and Guatemala, but we also source from many other countries all over the world.

Costa Rica’s coffee rich terrain offers home to many plants and trees as well as offering the perfect environment to facilitate the farming of coffee. Many of their coffee plants are grown in the shade which causes it to take longer to ripe, which in effect creates a much better taste and promotes more complex flavours in the bean.

Colombian coffee is relatively mild and light like other South and Central American coffee yet where it differs is that it tends to be sweeter and less acidic, even with some nutty hints.

Guatemala’s coffee is well known for having an essence of smooth sweetness, alongside tart, fruity acidity. The taste of the blend is referred to as having a “clean taste”.

We've taken direct sourcing missions to these lands in search of the perfect coffee suppliers for your business.By direct sourcing and importing our products, we provide your customers with a wide array of coffee with many different profiles of taste.

Whatever your customers may crave, we’ll have a blend to satisfy them. We make sure that the every cup of coffee your customers receive is perfect, right until the last drop.