Coffee CalgaryRoasting, brewing, and drinking coffee isn’t all that we do. We believe the coffee experience goes way beyond what you taste in the cup. From Costa Rica, to Colombia, to Africa, and across the ocean to Indonesia, we try our best to bring you the largest selection of high-quality coffees from around the world. We want all our clients to be happy with their coffee which is why we took it a step further in 2006 and began our first origin trip to Colombia.

Coffee CalgaryOur passion for coffee and our connections with exporters have brought us, along with a few of our clients, back to places like Colombia several times. It is important for us to visit coffee origins because it allows us to meet the heroes who grow, pick, and process the coffees we drink today. Understanding the agriculture and processing methods that affect each type of coffee helps us advance in our roasting production as well.

Traveling also gives us an opportunity to develop personal, sustainable, and long-term relationships with the farmers we work with. This has made us one of the best coffee suppliers in Calgary.

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