Coffee Roasting

As Western Canada’s leading coffee provider, we know a thing or two about roasting coffee. We feel it is our duty to share with you what we’ve learned about roasting the freshest cup of coffee.

Roasting coffee is the process of transforming the chemical and physical properties of green coffee beans into the rich dark brown beans we know and love today.

At the start of each batch, the green coffee beans are placed into the roaster and dropped into a spinning hot drum reaching temperatures as high as 500 degrees fahrenheit. The drum roaster is a method that relies on constant movement of the beans. This is to avoid uneven roasting or burnt beans.

During the first few minutes of the roasting process high temperatures are applied to bring the coffee up to roasting temperature. At this point you will start to notice a change in the coffee beans color and the aromas start to shift.

In the next step of the process, the coffee goes through a low heat roasting phase at roughly 325 degrees fahrenheit, getting the beans ready to develop their tastes and aromas. Again the colors and aromas will morph.

The final stages are when the coffees full flavour is really developed. At roughly 360 degrees fahrenheit the beans will make a cracking noise as they expand under pressure. At this point the the internal pressure of the beans drops resulting in the ideal internal temperature and moisture for flavour development.

In the last step of the roasting procedure, at between 360 and 395 degrees fahrenheit, the sugars and amino acids in the beans react and create the final flavours of the coffee you enjoy every morning of every day.

Coffee Concept is the proud owner of its own roasting facility located right here in Calgary. Providing you with superior flavours, enhanced aromas and an unmatched unique quality - as well as bringing you the freshest cup in the city.

You can visit our roasting facility at 7954 - 51 Street SE, Calgary Alberta.