Coffee Concept is an Alberta based craft coffee roaster and program creator to all kinds of commercial customers.  Our strength is in getting to know each client’s unique requirements, and forging a relationship whereby we can support their growth and success.

Founded in 2003 by Phil Lockey, Coffee Concept has grown to become a leader throughout Alberta in the craft coffee segment.  What makes us unique is how integrated we are and the value that brings to our customers’ businesses:

Coffee Calgary

We source many of our coffee directly at country of origin, working with and getting to know each farmer, their communities and their passion.

Coffee Calgary

We roast in our own facility in Alberta daily using a cutting-edge Loring 35kg roaster.

Coffee Calgary

We clean our coffee before and after the roasting processing ensuring no metal, rocks or other debris that may come from source affects our clients’ equipment.

Coffee Calgary

We employ cutting edge technology to track every roast to ensure its accuracy, profile and ultimately its taste as defined by our customers’ needs.

Coffee Calgary

We distribute our coffees and related products from our two distribution centres located in Calgary and Edmonton.

Coffee machine technician services

We have our own service department to service our clients owned assets as well as the equipment that we invest into our customers.

Coffee Calgary

We partner with other product manufacturers to offer our clients important related products such as custom paper cups, sleeves, muffin cups, pastry and shopping bags along with other paper products.

Calgary craft roasted coffee products

We are equipment dealers for major brands and an authorized warranty repair centre for them.

We invite you to get to know us! What better way to learn about what we can do for you than by getting together for a coffee, coming for a tour of our roasting facility or being a part of our quality assurance coffee cupping process.

We truly are dedicated to our customers success!

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